Lompoc Pirate Festival
With a Renaissance Flair
River Park
CA-246 & Sweeney Road
August 25 & 26, 2018
10am to 6pm daily

Welcome to the fine Port of Lompoc! Pirates, Privateers and Mercenaries walk the streets, The festival is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are docked nearby. Entertainment for all ages await those brave enough to cross the Spanish Main to land in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy!
Tickets (at the gate):
Adults (12+) - $10.00  |  Children up to 11 Free!
Seniors (62+), Military & Dependents, Law Enforcement - $8.00


Artistic Design
Bali Isle
Buzzle Bee Face Paint
Coven Tree
Crown Fellow
Dragonfly House
Eclectics Creations
Gold River Costumes
Govannon's Forge
Irma Glass
Iron Dragon Trading Co.
Joust Wife
Just For You
Kisses Ever After
Laced Up Corsets
​Moore Designs
​The Mountan Druidess
Mythic Facepaint
Sun Raven
The Surly Herbalist
Topanga's Finest
The Bawdy Juggler
​Clan Darksail
De Gekkevlek
A Fool and His Family
Gallows Humor
Her Majesty’s Minstrel Cycle
Knights of Mayhem
​Manis O'Toole
Tea and Strumpets
Traveller's Puppets
​​Clan Darksail
Iron Dragon
Kinder of the Hearth and Hame
Nomads Guild
North Star Penguins
The Peasant Guild
A Regal Regiment
Shadow Walkers
Tusk and Tails
Under the Black Flag Guild
Fyne Dining
Moonglade Brews
Whiskey Bent BBQ
Temple Siam
Island Ice
Solvang Brewery
Tempting Tarts
Kid's Zone
Pirate's Life
Moonlight Animal Rescue
Under The Black Flag Guild