Lompoc Renaissance Faire
River Park
CA-246 & Sweeney Road
March 24 & 25, 2018
10am to 6pm daily

Welcome to the second visitation of His Excellency, The Marquis of Gascony to the Shire of Lompoc. He has come to pay us a visit, and invites you to come join with him!  To pay homage to His Excellency, the faire is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are visiting our beautiful village.
Tickets (at the gate):
Adults (12+) - $16.00  |  Children (5-11) - $8.00  |  Children under 5 Free
Seniors (62+), Military & Dependents, Law Enforcement - $13.00


Artistic Design
Baubles and Steam Emporium
Coach Built Cabinetry
Coventree Market
Eclectics Creations
Eric Jonson Estate Sales
Faire Ladies, Faire Lords
A Funny Business
Govannon's Forge
Laced Up Corsets
Mystic Cove
Pendragon Quills and Seals
Rakish Blade
Royal River Gems
Topanga's Finest Jerky
The Bawdy Juggler
​Clan Darksail
Constables of the Shire
De Gekkevlek
Demi Lune
A Fool and His Family
Gallows Humor
Her Majesty’s Minstrel
​Manis O'Tool
Traveller's Puppets
​​Clan Darksail
The Grellon Archery Guild
Guilde of Sainte Marie
Hound's Haven
Kinders of the Hearth and Home
Knotty Nette's Place and Calico Jack
North Star Penguins​
Peasant Guild
Shadow Walkers
Fyne Dining
Ben and Jerry's
Island Ice
Tempting Tarts